How DAIS works

DAIS Software

The DAIS software acts as a passive, permission led, 1st party data collection tool that is embedded into an your app (it’s our smart cookie). It is  entirely consumer consented and fully compliant with the GDPR. Your brand is safe with this solution.

Deploying DAIS software is an easy process.

  • Embedded within 30mins

  • Consumer controlled - no consent, no data

  • Immediate passive collection

  • No impact on device or app performance

  • Approved in Apple, Google & Yandex app stores

We know your needs are just as specific as your customers, which is why DAIS is offered as an agile solution. The only unbreakable rule is consumer privacy.

DAIS Narration Tools

DAIS data facilitates a raft of new smart insights to enable a more targeted approach to marketing strategies.

  • Applicable - dynamic smart segmentation solution based on the changing behaviours and interests of your users

  • Device Families & Multi User Devices - understand the new "Device Households" and the users within them.

  • Advertising insights - understanding a device's media consumption allows you to take control and own your own audiences & create a premium advertising offering.

  • Competitive Engagements- DAIS allows you to understand your users interaction with competitors and new market entrants..

To find out more, download our product factsheets



To find out more, download our installation factsheet

Installing DAIS

welcome to d-cubed london

 Are you a customer centric organisation? How much do you really know about your smart consumers?

DAIS is the first device and app based insight platform - putting your customer & their context at the heart of your marketing.

Create Smart marketing for your Smart Consumer.

let us help you make dynamic device decisions.

We believe understanding your customer is the only way to deliver truly relevant, personalised and authentic experiences, we also believe to gain understanding you must ask your customers permission. So....we created DAIS - Device & Application Insight Services - its a very polite & smart cookie.

With DAIS you can finally deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our Vision

We are in the age of the Smart Consumer, which is why understanding your customer has never been more important. The best way to understand customers is by observing what they do, when they do it and where they are while they are doing it. The DAIS products and services are specifically designed to provide organisations with these smart insights and more, while maintaining the consumer's privacy throughout.

Our Way

DAIS - Device & Application Insight Services -a consented smart cookie & analytics solution designed to help our customers build stronger relationships with their users through proprietary 1st party data driven engagement, technographic and motivational insights – we provide real time insights to enable right time marketing.

Our Technology

...right time marketing.

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d-cubed started with one goal in mind – helping organisations discover, define and delight todays Smart Consumer . Our passion is your customer.

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